How I know Valerie – lady bush pilot

I am Udi Gazit captain in EL AL a lot of Facebook roaming.

By the way, as an airplane lover and a nature lover. I found by chance that the lady bush pilot flew in Africa. I started following her and enjoyed all the publicity.

One time I wrote to Valerie that I was happy to fly with her and Valerie immediately invited me but due to work and schedule it was not possible.

We were also about to embark on an aircraft safari trip in South Africa and Namibia. And it happens that we were in Africa at the time but, we didn’t meet. I kept following and writing to Valerie a lot.

I didn’t know that at the same time Daniella my wife found lady bush pilot, Valerie on Instagram.

Both of us were in contact with lady Bush Pilot without being aware of this connection for a very long time.

After finishing Valerie’s journey in Africa, I kept in touch with her on Facebook and even tried to reach her without success. Until one day we met in Tel Aviv and then in Brussels everything else was history

Valerie is a special woman and an amazing, brave and adventurous pilot

I’m sure her story is fascinating. 

Waiting for the next journey