Since she was a teenager Valérie Dereymaeker had a dream. A dream of freedom; complete freedom. She has always, relentlessly, put all her efforts, work and energy towards that goal hoping to achieve it.
Ten years ago, at the time she was already a successful self-made entrepreneur, she wanted to become a pilot. I was not surprised by that decision as fearless and curious as she is it perfectly fit her character and ambitions.
She went through an intensive and complex training, including lots of theory and practice for a long period of time before she was able to be the Lady Bush Pilot we know today.
Every week, as she was training and gathering more skills in her new profession, I never heard her complain or be on the verge of quitting. Instead, she was always enthusiastic and amazed by this experience and was eager to learn more.
After being a confirmed pilot, she flew around Europe and discovered many countries and cultures as well as lived experiences that we could not even begin to imagine but as you can guess, that was not enough for this ambitious pilot.
She then decided, after thousands of hours of preparation, to get back in her plane and go in a new adventure in Africa to become a real bush pilot. She landed in beautiful villages and cities unknown to most of all, made new connection with amazing people, tasted the most delicious foods and saw the most breathtaking landscapes.
This amazing adventure, if you ask her can be resumed in one word, her dream: freedom.
Now that she has lived and experience her dream by completing the Tour of Africa and became a true bush pilot, you can imagine that, ambitious as she is, the Tour of the world seems very much like the next step.
Me, being her godson, she has taught me many things about life, helped me in the most critical situations and inspired me in many ways. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have such a person as Valérie to be watching over me and help me achieve my dreams as she has completed hers.
I hope I will one day be able to repay her for everything she did for me, but in the meantime, I will congratulate her for these great trips she has already completed and cheer for the next ones to come as it is only the beginning of the adventures of Lady Bush Pilot!