I was introduced to Valerie a couple months ago after she gave a presentation on her solo trip around Africa in a Piper Cub. I had to ferry a Cessna 182 from Antwerp to Djibouti a few days later and was looking for company. When Valerie found out, she very spontaneously said: “I’m joining you!”

So, a few days later we were on our way to Djibouti. It was not an easy trip because we had bad weather the first days, finding AVGAS was complicated and everything was difficult because of Ramadan.

But I could not have dreamed of better company than Valerie. She was never complaining, always thinking ahead, always cooperating and entertaining. The video reporting that she made from our trip was a bonus of an unseen quality.

She is a very intelligent and friendly person with good skills and a wide horizon. She also has her heart in the right place for General Aviation.

I highly recommend Valerie for any General Aviation Project. She would make a great asset to any organization.