What? “The Friends of Lady Bush Pilot” unites Valerie’s friends who decide to support and trust her Round The World Tour. Valerie organises interesting events around aviation or simple diner and her friends participating support The Round The World Tour.

Who? “The Friends of Lady Bush Pilot” is a selected group of pilots or non pilots interested to meet and share experiences, business, increase their network.

When? Members agree to participate at the events as much as possible.

On top: By joining “The Friends of Lady Bush Pilot”, you will support The Round The World Tour but you will also wide your business network.

Contact: Members have access to “The Friends of Lady Bush Pilot”, a private page in Lady Bush Pilot web site, with a private login.

Each member introduce him/herself by a picture and few lines.

Events will be related in this page.

Wanna join the club? Please fill in the form below. Once your application is submitted, it must be validated by the committee.