Just after leaving the runway in Zanzibar, I follow the “marshaller” signs to the parking spot and turn off my engine. The marshaller approaches the door of the cockpit, and with his eyes coming out on stalks, he discovers … a woman at the controls!

– Are you a pilot? He asks.

– Yes

– Are you a pilot? He asks again.

I was tempted to answer: No, I’m the passenger, I just pushed the pilot into the Indian ocean, but not being certain of his degree of humor, I simply replied:

– Yes

– Are you a pilot? Asked this gentleman, for the third time, clearly incredulous!

– Yes …

– Are you alone?

– Yes

– Are you alone?

I thought to ask him where I could hide someone in my tiny plane? But prudence made me respond wisely

– Yes

– Are you alone? He asks me for the third time, now I’m starting to feel a little anxious…

He returns to his colleagues to express his amazement.

They all wander back over to do a walk around my airplane, with scrutinizing eyes…! It is then that they discover my Lady Bush Pilot logo.

– Lady Bush, Lady Bush … George Bush?

I remain speechless…

The colleague asks to see my license. I decided to show him my American license rather than the Belgian one, simply because it’s more colorful and more serious…!

On the back of this license is a watermark photograph of the Wright brothers, one of whom is balding and the other sports a moustache.

The colleague takes my license, but who is this woman, who arrives alone on a plane on their island? He turns the license over and discovers the Wright brothers and says triumphantly, certain to have solved his enigma, he has found THE MAN missing from the cockpit….

– Ha! It is you and your husband!