In 2016, I decided to fly with my Super Cub from Belgium to South Africa following the path of some pioneers who flew from France to Egypt via Israel.

After only few hours of flight in Africa, I decided to fly back to Belgium via the west coast after reaching the far South.

I flew the African tour in 7 parts called Flaps. Between each flap I was back home to work and prepare the next trip (clearances and fuel).

The first flap, crossing Europe, has been very challenging due to engine problems.

I’ve been grounded in Istanbul by authorities, changed my cylinders in Cyprus and reached Israel beginning of 2018.

My flying birthday in Israel was blessed!

I didn’t received the clearance that I asked to cross Egypt and Sudan and decided to ship the airplane in container to Mombasa.

I flew the Flap 3 from Mombasa to Johannesburg;

Flap 4 from Johannesburg to Ondangwa (Namibia);

Flap 5 from Ondangwa to Equatorial Guinea;

Flap 6 from Equatorial Guinea to Spain;

Flap 7 from South of Spain to Belgium, and finally the Full Flaps brought me to my new home base : Antwerp escorted by my friends.

The numbers:

•       From September 2017 to May 2019 in 7 parts called Flaps.

•       Total hours of flight: 179:27

•       Total NM: 5.429

•       Altitude: from -1200ft (Masada-Israel) 

             to +12000ft (Tanzanian border with Malawi)

•       Countries visited: 29

•       Countries overflown: 34

•       Marriage proposal: guess the number 😜