Lady Bush

The pilot

For as long as I can remember my passion has always been to travel and especially to have the freedom to do so by flying my own aircraft. When I am not travelling or flying my other enjoyment is with riding my horse.

After qualifying with a Master Degree in Psychology I later worked in the real estate business since 1997.

My life changed in 2012 when my desire to fly became a reality as I gained my Private Pilots Licence. In 2015 I visited Alaska to advance my PPL rating where my flying 'bug' became strong. I qualified with a tail wheel endorsement and sea plane rating, and became a 'Lady Bush Pilot'.

I have had the privilege to fly in many countries and completed a solo pilot African tour with my own Piper Super Cub.

Lady Bush's airplanes

The airplanes


N45458 is a PA18-150 from 1967 purchased in 2015, we flew all around Africa together!


N904BP is a C180J from 1975 purchased in 2020. He will be my buddy all around the world.

Wanna help me ?

If you want to help me to cross the globe, you can donate on GoFundMe, a precious help to buy some liters of fuel or oil for my buddy! Thank you!